Home updated 12/1/21

(The app isn't dead, just set aside for other projects for the moment, i will come back to it eventually as needed)

In order to install from the site, you need to do the following:

  • download the app
  • go into your file manager and locate the file
  • click it and select install
  • after prompt asking to allow unknown sources turn it on

Download the latest update here

The current version is 2.1.0, and updated as of 4/24/20

Recent Changes(click for full changelog):
Version (4/24/20)

  • several fixes and system improvements
  • most buttons and elements highlight when tapped
  • search mode has several new categories added, and some existing items are renamed or expanded on
  • profiles/search remember current position and expended sections while using

Cities in Database:

  • elk river
  • Otsego
  • Zimmerman
  • Nowthen
  • Ramsey
  • Princeton

Cities in Queue:

  • Duluth, Anoka, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Maple Grove, Osseo, Brooklyn Park, Fridley, Crystal
  • Big Lake (started)

Planned Updates:
A list of some of the things to be added

Testing Feedback/Ideas:
(this can be any suggestions to be added or changed for the better)

Known Bugs/Issues:

  • 1401x - when you type something, then close out without pressing enter, the results show an innaccurate number of results, same when pressing clear


  • there will be a better layout for the website as i get to it

(Disclaimer: The info contained in the app is considered accurate at the time of adding, but may be defunct at any given moment as the bars themselves can change any specials, events and etc as they see fit to do so. At this stage of development i havent made a high priority of making sure everything is always up to date yet, but when i have a solid method of constantly and consistently updating the info and the priority shifts, everything will be less likely to be out of date. Again the app is currently only in beta stage, and is more here to allow feedback on features and usability to improve the overall quality of it before full release)