Home updated 11/01/17

This site's only used for hosting the app, showing how to install it, and giving a brief list of changes

While up til now work was at a standstill for various reasons im going to try and get it up and running again by feb 20 at the latest

(Disclaimer: The info contained in the app is considered accurate at the time of adding, but may be defunct at any given moment as the bars themselves can change any specials, events and etc as they see fit to do so. At this stage of development i havent made a high priority of making sure everything is always up to date yet, but when i have a solid method of constantly and consistently updating the info and the priority shifts, everything will be less likely to be out of date. Again the app is currently only in beta stage, and is more here to allow feedback on features and usability to improve the overall quality of it before full release)

It's also only working on android running a minimum of 4.0 ice cream sandwich

In order to install, you need to do the following:

  • download the app
  • go into your file manager and locate the file
  • click it and select install
  • after prompt asking to allow unknown sources turn it on

Download here

The current version is and updated as of 11/01/17

Change log:

  • ~version (planned, unreleased, 9/30/17)~
    • added anoka county, nowthen city, bootleggers
    • start displaying db version on site
      • currently; how much implemented in app
        • county(10 cities)=0
        • Finished full cities=3
        • Finished full bars toward city=0
        • Progress builds on current unfinished bar=3
    • Note: releases will continue to be slower lately as im in the midst of researching/rewriting major parts of the app, to implement various things from swipe, hi-res, as well as internal changes to allow faster/easier editing of the database. Updates will still come but not at the original timeframe i intended
  • Version (11/01/17)
    • Elk River updated (Builds 10-11)
      • fully added sammys
    • "allbars" search view deactivated for now (Builds 10-11)
    • Fixed incorrect version displayed
    • *Previous versions locked out
  • Version (10/20/17)
    • Reduced size of app from 11mb to 6mb (Build 9)
    • Dropped support for older device hardware (Build 9)
    • *Still displays 1.1.8 in app
  • Version (10/10/17)
    • Chow fully works in app (Build 8)
    • A few bug fixes (Build 8)
      • display bug where boondox showed wrong open close times
      • bug where chow and sammys wouldnt display anything on the bottom line when viewing the bars in a list
  • Version (10/07/17)
    • Rewrote a large amount of code in app (Builds 5-7)
      • necessary to start fully allowing database expansion
    • Preliminary access to chow and sammys in elk river (Builds 5-7)
      • to be finished by next update
    • Using browse all and search now defaults to city selection instead of county mode/all bars respectively (Build 7)
      • this makes more sense as the new default and alleviates some confusion
    • Note: "Still open" partially broken in this update
      • this only applies when viewing all bars in the app
      • this doesnt matter as it may be taken out entirely for a non-city/county view, theres no need to see open bars throughout the state instead of localized destinations
  • Version (10/01/17)
    • Cleaned most of the remaining resources and some code in the app (Build 4)
  • Version (9/30/17)
    • Fixed broken update button (Build 1)
      • was leading to a defunct page
    • Reformatted entire database (Builds 1-3)
      • note useful for end users; better faster system, allows future db expansion and new locations to work
    • Cleaned various code; removed unnecessary code/resources (Builds 2-3)
      • slightly improved performance and reduced size
  • Version (8/25/17)
    • Added sober cab, recent changes, and update options to main menu (Builds 1-2)
      • sober cab allows you to get a quick local ride home, etc
      • recent changes shows slim version of change log from the website
      • update provides and easy way to view the site and check for newer app versions
    • Improved paging system for displaying bars (Builds 2-4)
      • faded arrows for aesthetic effect
      • dotted page display to show where you are in navigating pages
    • Freed unnecessary resources (Build 1)
      • uses less disk space, improves performance
    • Various updates (Build 5)
    • Adjusted and streamlined code (Builds 2, 5)
  • Version (8/16/17)
    • first beta version

Planned Updates:

  • Allow full resolution
    • makes entire app crisper
      • holding off for now, makes test code easier
  • Create new graphics
    • makes app look more professional
  • Implement swipe controls (HIGH PRIORITY)
    • easier for navigation
  • Show happy hour/late night hours for bars in list mode
    • allows you to see when they start/end, as opposed to whether they're currently active
  • Add more bars/cities/counties to the database (HIGH PRIORITY)
    • pretty self explanatory, just sayin…
  • Find and fix various bugs
  • use gps to view the bars closest to you within a set range
    • low priority feature at the moment
  • Release the app on iphone
    • this is difficult right now with everything that needs to be done to allow developing apps for apple
  • refined searching system in search/browse
    • start typing and app displays only names of counties/cities/bars matching the current word string
    • organize by name, distance, value of specials

Cities in Database:

  • elk river
  • Otsego
  • Zimmerman
  • Nowthen (not released)
  • Ramsey (not released)

Cities in Queue:

  • Duluth, Big Lake, Anoka, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Maple Grove, Osseo, Brooklyn Park, Fridley, Crystal
  • Nowthen, ramsey (added not released)
  • Princeton (started)


  • app size ballooned after some adjustments, i need to figure out why the size spiked from 3mb to 11mb since 01.0.0
  • UPDATE: size didnt balloon, 1.0.0 was abnormally compact compared to the rest of the files, older and newer. If i can find out how to replicate what happened, i can potentially compress the ipa/apk by around 50% of its total size.
  • Update 2: the extra size was due to making the app compatible on older hardware. Removing support for non 'arm' based hardware reduced the app back down to 6mb. It still allows arm5/6 which is why its larger than the 1.0.0 file(only worked on armv7).

Testing Feedback/Ideas:
(this is anything that can be added or changed for the better)

  • Resolution makes it difficult to see some text
    • will be fixed in late beta/full release
  • swipe controls are a necessity
    • current control setup is unintuitive, and needs to be improved
  • add lunch specials
    • some places do show this, but it's inconsistent across the board
    • Along with this, a more detailed display of specials and events is needed

Known Bugs/Issues:

  • 1171 - elk river american legion has odd aesthetic bug in some bar lists
    • it happens sporadically and only very briefly, so its a low priority if at all, as it doesnt negatively impact any aspect
  • 1172 - mccoy doesnt display the proper info in certain circumstances regarding happy hour/late night
  • 1173 - sometimes bars show incorrect information in search screens
    • the cause of this is completely random and will be difficult to find and fix
    • *quick fix*: completely close out of the app and settings will revert to normal, showing the proper correct info again
  • 1177 - cant close out city select when accessed through the options button in search