Home updated 6/23/19

(Disclaimer: The info contained in the app is considered accurate at the time of adding, but may be defunct at any given moment as the bars themselves can change any specials, events and etc as they see fit to do so. At this stage of development i havent made a high priority of making sure everything is always up to date yet, but when i have a solid method of constantly and consistently updating the info and the priority shifts, everything will be less likely to be out of date. Again the app is currently only in beta stage, and is more here to allow feedback on features and usability to improve the overall quality of it before full release)

It's also only working on android running a minimum of 4.0 ice cream sandwich

In order to install from the site, you need to do the following:

  • download the app
  • go into your file manager and locate the file
  • click it and select install
  • after prompt asking to allow unknown sources turn it on

(This isnt necessary if i put a new version on google play, at which point ill post the link here)

Download the remade version 0.1.6

Download the old legacy version 0.1.7

The current versions are the 0.1.6 rewrite, and the legacy 0.1.7 and updated as of 6/19/19

The new version works better, just without the new bars. The old version will still be available until the remaining bars are brought back; it will not work unless the system date is set before may 1 2018 while using

Restart progress:

  • *version (6/19/19)
    • bug fixes and system improvements
      • multiple rewrites and optimizations
      • fixed bugs 1403/1501/1502/1503/1504
    • slider-bar implemented to quickly navigate bars
    • option to expand/retract all categories, in barview profiles and search
    • searchbar adapts the font size to the length of the typed query
  • version (5/10/19)
    • various bugfixes and system improvements
      • system extremely optimized, capable of accessing more data at once, with far less resources used; starts faster
      • some inside changes made to accomodate upcoming releases
      • fixed bugs 1301/1302; happy hour should display proper information now; back button issues fixed
      • improved online capabilities for upcoming features
    • lyft now activated and works as intended
    • tapping the header returns you to the top of the screen throughout the app
    • the barview profile tabs now correctly highlight to show where you are on the page
    • barview tabs now have a smooth transition between categories when tapped
  • version (04/05/19)
    • bar profile pages rewritten from the ground up with new interface
      • this is also referred to as barview
    • database revisions
      • info corrections and improved system
    • almost all bugs/issues from 1.3 fixed
    • major background revisions to the system
      • various buttons and images replaced with more professional versions, eg back/menu/close
      • boots/runs faster and smoother than before, now 60fps
      • background code changes
    • search mode rewritten, easier to use
    • complete systemwide swipe overhaul
      • controls are more responsive, fluid, intuitive, with native feel and functionality
      • swipe implemented into barview and search
  • version
    • as of this version, all features have been implemented and improved
    • only a few bugs, but only cosmetic, and will be fixed by the next release
    • still missing most of the bars from the legacy version
  • version
    • this is the version that was recovered and set up
  • version
    • started a new project repo
    • imported all the resources i could salvage
      • there are thousands of them to go through
    • sorted through a small amount of the images

Cities in Database:

  • elk river
  • Otsego
  • Zimmerman
  • Nowthen*
  • Ramsey*
  • Princeton(new)*

Cities missing

  • Ramsey
  • Princeton
  • Nowthen

Planned Updates:

  • Allow full resolution
    • makes entire app crisper
      • holding off for now, makes test code easier
  • Create new graphics
    • makes app look more professional
  • Add more bars/cities/counties to the database (HIGH PRIORITY)
    • pretty self explanatory, just sayin…
  • Find and fix various bugs
  • use gps to view the bars closest to you within a set range
    • low priority feature at the moment
  • Release the app on iphone
    • this is difficult right now with everything that needs to be done to allow developing apps for apple
  • refined searching system in search/browse
    • start typing and app displays only names of counties/cities/bars matching the current word string
    • organize by name, distance, value of specials
  • look into using notifications
  • fix leagues in search mode, i disabled individual choices for now and placed a catchall category

Cities in Queue:

  • Duluth, Anoka, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Maple Grove, Osseo, Brooklyn Park, Fridley, Crystal
  • Big Lake (started)

Testing Feedback/Ideas:
(this is anything that can be added or changed for the better)

  • Resolution makes it difficult to see some text
    • will be fixed in late beta/full release
  • swipe controls could be tweaked
  • add lunch specials
    • some places do show this, but it's inconsistent across the board
    • Along with this, a more detailed display of specials and events is needed


  • none right now

Known Bugs/Issues:

  • 1401x - when you type something, then close out without pressing enter, the results show an innaccurate number of results, same when pressing clear
  • 1601x - when you select expand all, a few bars have a small issue with the layout of the events categegory, and displays a small blank space

Version meanings:

  • database version
    • currently; how much implemented in app
      • county(10 cities)=0
      • Finished full cities=3
      • Finished full bars toward city=0
      • Progress builds on current unfinished bars/updates=9
        • also increments on updates to db