Bugs, Issues, and Fixes Log

To be fixed:

  • 1171 - elk river american legion has odd aesthetic bug in some bar lists
    • it happens sporadically and only very briefly, so its a low priority if at all, as it doesnt negatively impact any aspect
  • 1172 - mccoy doesnt display the proper info in certain circumstances regarding happy hour/late night
  • 1173 - sometimes bars show incorrect information in search screens
    • the cause of this is completely random and will be difficult to find and fix
    • *quick fix*: completely close out of the app and settings will revert to normal, showing the proper correct info again
  • 1177 - cant close out city select when accessed through the options button in search


  • 1175 - "still open" section of search is partially broken when viewing for "all bars"
    • fixed in version
  • 1174 - boondox shows incorrect open close times for the week when looking at info section of the bar
    • fixed in version
  • 1176 - chow and sammys wont show anything on bottom line in list view
    • fixed in version
  • 1191 - doesnt show correct version in app
    • fixed in version