Kegconverter new version 7/27/18

Repo for the keg conversion app

In order to install this application follow the steps below.
If steps 5-6 dont work on their own, Developer mode may be required to sideload apps outside of the app store, in which case, follow all steps from 1-6
Please read the note located under the download link

1. Open settings
2a. If the search bar is at the top of the screen click it and type "build number" without quotations, click the result
2b. If there is no search bar scroll to the bottom to find "about phone"; click it and look for "build number"
3. When you find it, click it 7 times. You will get a notification saying developer mode is enabled.
4. Go back to the main settings page
5a. After downloading the app, search for it through the file browser on the device. It should be named kegconvertercomp.apk
6a. Tap the file and select install, a popup will show asking whether you wish to install apps from unknown sources. Select yes and it will proceed to installation. When it finishes the app will be all ready to go.

Download here

Due to the nature of this app, it requires no permissions for internet use, or access to any other files or apps, system or otherwise, any permissions are optional and not needed to function. It is also not associated or affiliated with any outside app or company. It is owned, managed, and distributed solely by myself as the creator, and tested thoroughly to make sure it functions properly, accurately and without error. By downloading this app, you accept that additional conditions may apply in the future, and any changes in policy including availability. You also accept any and all responsibility to ensure the app is used properly and you as the end user are liable for any damages that may come from improper phone/tablet setup or from the use of this app, misuse or otherwise. Again, by downloading you accept all these terms as is without exception.

Currently included taps

  • Full list
    • Angry orchard, blue moon, bud light
    • Budweiser, coors light, dos equis
    • goose 312, grain belt blu, Grain belt nordeast
    • leinenkugel, mich golden light, pabst blue ribbon
    • sam adams, schell's citra blanc, summit
    • surly
  • As of update 7/28/18
    • Pabst blue ribbon, schell's citra blanc
  • As of update 7/20/18
    • angry orchard, blue moon, bud light, Budweiser
    • coors light, dos equis, goose 312, grain belt blu
    • grain belt nordeast, leinenkugel, mich golden light, sam adams
    • summit, surly

Requests, issues, suggestions

  • any new taps needing to be added go here
  • Bugs, incorrect info, questions or problems using the app, or the site
  • New features, or things you think should be changed about the app

Recent changes

  • 7/27/18*current
    • fixed bugs 1002, 1003, 1005, 1007, 1008, 1009
    • added schell's citra blanc and pbr
    • when editing taps/lists, the selected ones are now highlighted
  • 7/20/18
    • first complete rewrite build
    • errors 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008, 1009

Pic2splash.png Pic4mainscr.png

Known Bugs

  • 1001
    • when typing weights under 100lbs, the .5 pound shows up as .49
      • It doesnt affect any values and theyre still accurate, its just annoying. It should be an easy fix
  • 1004
    • all lbs values with a decimal show .50lbs
      • its what the system does with fractions automatically, i just have to tell it to stop
  • 1006
    • you can type more than 161 lbs in the calculator to an extent
      • this was just an oversight

Below there are versions of the app up to 60% smaller than the one posted above, do not use them unless you know exactly what chipset your device uses. The above version is a catchall designed to be compatible with both arm and intel devices and is selected as the default for its simplicity